4 Wines Perfectly Paired to Pizza

Pizza: Saucy, cheesy, salty, and ready-to-eat right out of the oven.


From the cheap $5 take-away special eaten in a hurry to sitting down at an Italian restaurant and enjoying a wood-fired hand-crafted pizza, its always comfort food.


More comforting still, you can enjoy a perfectly paired glass of wine with your slice, here are 4 pizzas with their perfectly matched wines:


Margherita: Cabernet Sauvignon


Classic meets classic. Margherita will be mostly sauce so your deep Cabernet Sauvignon is going to meld nicely, and when you melt some cheese on top, you’re improving the whole experience. 


White Pizza: Riesling


A Riesling may come as a surprise here but a young harvest, crispy white is just what you need with all that garlic. A really good white pizza probably has ricotta on it too, and the fragrance of a Riesling is the perfect partner. 


Meat Lovers: Shiraz


Whether it’s a simple pepperoni or you’ve got a pile of cured meats, you want something acidic to counteract that delicious fat coming from the meat as well as the cheese. A great Shiraz will balance everything out. 


Vegetable: Sauvignon Blanc


The priority here is letting the veggies do their thing and shine on top of (and under, if done correctly) that cheese so you want a nicely balanced glass of wine to go with it. You’ve got a mountain of dairy fat in the cheese so a crisp Sauvignon Blanc will cut right through it and make the pizza taste even fresher.