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Why Us

We create wines which are in perfect balance – where wine’s flavours, aromas, and history all come together in harmony. They are carefully crafted to slip easily over the palate and enjoy unhesitatingly.

As a small, family-owned winery our wines are not just a commodity to us. We care about them. And, we care deeply about the experiences they provide. From grape picking, to pressing, to bottling, to the pouring of the wine at your table we want every step to be an enriching one.

This is because we have one simple philosophy: wine can bring people together.

People coming together, especially now, with their friends, family, neighbours, and loved ones over a bottle of our delicious wine is what gives us the greatest satisfaction.

Our Regions

The Coonawarra

The home of Prosperitas Wines, The Coonawarra is the most southerly (and most easterly) wine district in South Australia. Famous for its superb red wine grown in its terra rossa soil. 

The McLaren Vale

The McLaren Vale is considered as one of the best wine producing regions in the world. The area's thin soils, limited water, and warm summers harness Shiraz’s natural vigor and produce intense flavored fruit, and wine with a deep purple colour which can last decades in the bottle. 

The Barossa Valley

The Barossa Valley is one of Australia's oldest and most prestigious premium wine producing regions, known internationally for its Shiraz production as the world's best. Barossa incorporates both the Barossa Valley and Eden Valleys, making it one of the only wine regions to have neighbouring warm and cool climate conditions, allowing for exceptional quality and diversity.

The Limestone Coast

The landscape consists of limestone ridges running parallel to the coastline which produce deep soils with excellent water holding capacity - ideal for producing premium wines.

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