5 Irresistible Wine Cocktails for Spring

Winter brought cravings for mulled wine. But, the arrival of spring demands wine cocktails of a different type. Here are five different recipes to transform your favourite wines into a delicious spring-worthy drink.

1. Ginscato

The combination of Gin and Moscato has taken the internet by storm. To make your own “Ginscato” cocktail at home, just add 20ml of your favourite gin to 150ml of Moscato. Throw in a wedge of lime, two mint leaves and 1/2 a cup of ice to serve.

2. Watermelon Wine Refresher

To make this cooling cocktail simply mix equal parts of Sauvignon Blanc, Vodka, and watermelon juice together. Then, add a squeeze of lemon juice to taste. Pour the mixture in a cocktail shaker with ice, shake until cold and pour into a glass half filled with ice. Top with your preference of lemonade or soda water.

3. Peach and Basil White Wine Sangria

This spring inspired sangria will definitely impress. Slice 4 ripe peaches into small cubes and blend them with 500ml of white wine until no lumps remain. Pour in 500ml of lemonade, add 2 basil leaves and stir well. Serve the mixture over ice, decorated with any remaining peach slices.

4. Honeydew Melon and Mint

Cut up half of a honeydew melon into small cubes and blend with a 1/4 cup of elderflower cordial until smooth. Add 3/4 cup of your preferred white wine and a touch of ice. Blend the mixture again until smooth. Add ice to the mixture and blend until you achieve the consistency you desire, for a smoother cocktail add less ice and for more of a slushy type cocktail blend in more. Pour your cocktail mixture into a glass with fresh mint leaves and top with your preference of lemonade or soda water.

5. Frozen Tequila Rosé

Frozen rosé cocktails have become increasingly popular (see The Mysterious History of Rosé article to read more) Not only are frozen cocktails right on trend, but they are also a refreshing treat moving into the warmer months.

To make this quick and easy frozen tequila rosé, mix your favourite rosé, frozen strawberries and a touch of sugar in a blender until smooth and to your desired taste and texture. If your mixture is too thick add a touch more rosé. If it’s not thick enough add some more frozen strawberries. Pour the mixture into a glass with a splash of white tequila and lime juice to taste. Garnish with a lime wheel and salt the glass rim to serve.